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The most typical reason that garage doors fail is that their mechanical parts have worn out or broken after working well for years. We are available 24 hours a day to fix these parts so your garage door is functional again. If you decide to replace the door, we are also available to install a new door. We will work closely with you to select the perfect replacement that compliments your property rather than detracting from it.

The high quality of materials in each of our garage doors means that you can feel confident of the ongoing protection it provides. Our doors are also stylish, modern, and highly attractive. We can also offer you several types of gadgets that work with your garage door, such as a sensor that detects motion. This could prevent an accident in the driveway or parking lot or even a break-in.

Variety of Options 

5 Star Garage Door Bethesda, MD 301-276-4445At 5 Star Garage Door, we pride ourselves on carrying a line of garage doors that are the ideal combination of form and function. Just because a garage door has an important job to do each day and weighs several hundred pounds, that doesn’t mean it can’t be pleasing to look at. Whether you’re considering an overhead door, a roll-up, an industrial style door or something else entirely, we’re happy to walk you through the benefits of each. All doors are fully insulated to keep your valuables safe from the effects of extreme heat or cold.

The garage doors we install are built to last for life. When you make a major purchase like a garage door, you don’t expect it to start decaying only a few years later. This won’t happen when you have 5 Star Garage Door install your new door. That is because our doors are durable and insulated, which means they won’t easily succumb to moisture problems like so many other garage doors do.

The Right Garage Door 

At 5 Star Garage Door, we want to be the only company in Bethesda, MD you consider when you need emergency garage door repair. This also goes for installation, routine repairs, and preventive maintenance. Because of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are doing a great job maintaining this goal. Please contact us any time, even nights, weekends, and holidays. That is what being a 24-hour business is all about.

Our exceptional journeymen are a big reason that our satisfaction rating is as high as it is. You can always count on your technician being knowledgeable, helpful, and professional in addition to acting with integrity. We know you will have an excellent experience with 5 Star Garage Door, regardless of the specific garage door service you need. Our company appreciates the many referrals and accolades we receive each day from previous customers who loved the service we provided for them.